Thank you for answering the call to sisterhood. On this page you can discover all
the resources available for you to seed and grow your Grove.


If you already know exactly how you would like to initiate and establish your Treesister Grove, you might like to simply go here to just read the TreeSister five invitations for the foundation of all Groves.

If you’d like to dive in deep to all of our materials and pull together ideas and resources over time to create your own bespoke version of a Grove please follow your flow, read and watch the material that you feel drawn to and feel free to ask any questions in our Grove Tenders Facebook page.

And if you feel drawn to following a simple 5 step by step process to bring your Grove into being you are in the right place…

When sleeping women wake,

Mountains will move

~ Chinese proverb


1. SEEDING YOUR GROVE: Here are links to two experiential processes that can either stand alone or complement each other in the process of you clarifying the specifics of how you are going to set your Grove up. The first  of the two processes is a 40 minute guided journey through the Treesisters Map, and the second is a month long journey with the moon’s cycle.

2. THE IN-BREATH AND OUT-BREATH: Within TreeSisters we call the receptive Feminine principle the ‘in-breath’ and the active Masculine principle the ‘out-breath.’ Our inner Feminine feels how things are, so that our inner Masculine can know what to do. On this page, we will give you an introduction and suggestions for in-breath receptive nurturing activities and out-breath care-taking actions.

3. HOLD YOUR FIRST MEETING: Your Grove is an expression of women’s core longings ~ to connect, be seen, be heard, to belong, to be accepted, nourished, to bring forward their gifts, to shine. Holding your first meeting is an important and courageous step in the creation of your Grove.

4. GET SUPPORT: As you step more deeply into your role as Grove Tender, we have a variety of supports to offer to you along the way.

5. SHARE YOURSELF: This is your invitation to shine brightly and share yourself with other women on this journey!

Follow your heart to the steps that feel right for you.

You don’t have to do everything, just do what you feel called to. Your Grove is yours to create and love into being. Remember that a Grove is an expression of an ‘in-breath’ and ‘out breath’ (nurture and action) so that we can find ways of serving nature out of a profound experience of nurturing our own feminine nature first.