Pollinate: Help us reach a Billion Trees!

Do you feel catalyzed, inspired, awakened, ignited by our heart-based mission to reforest the tropics? Do you want to spread the word about our dream of collectively planting billion trees a year? Do you want to deeper into sisterhood and togetherness with a close-knit tapestry of women who are growing TreeSisters together? This page is for you…


If you are proud to be a treesister, why not take a picture of yourself holding up an “I am a treesister” sign and post it as your profile picture on your social media profile? You could also say a little bit about why you feel part of this global sisterhood, and why you are a treesister. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IAmATreeSister to contribute to the tapestry of Treesister photos, and add the link https://billiontrees.me to let people know about our Billion Trees Campaign!

Here’s a beautiful example from one of our treesisters:

“I am a Treesister because I love this Earth. Before TreeSisters I was tired of witnessing the destruction of the magnificent planet and home we’ve be given… I was tired of watching trees being systemically clear cut all over the world… And I was tired of feeling helpless, hopeless, and most truly like there was nothing I could do… Today I feel inspired, empowered and joyful to be part of the TreeSisters community. Gone is the fear, the hopelessness, the helplessness I once felt. In its place lives excitement, awe and deep connection to my feminine soul and the feminine soul of the world.”
~ Alexa Major, USA

Join the Pollinator Grove

Are you passionate about using social media to spread the word about the causes you love? Would you enjoy linking arms with hundreds of treesisters, to give your time, love, and energy to collectively plant a billion trees a year?

We are calling for 250+ women to gather in circle this October to December to act as social media honey bees that pollinate our upcoming TreeSisters Journey to a Billion Trees Campaign to help it reach as many women around the world as possible.

You’ll collectively form The Pollinator Grove – a welcoming, supportive, energising circle for women who love TreeSisters; a thrumming beehive of passionate activism and social media outreach; an invitation for radical creativity, feminine leadership and sacred activism. Would you like to join us?

Take the Love Walk

A wonderful way to spread the word about TreeSisters is to take a ‘love walk’ with a friend or group of friends. We have created little Love Cards that are simply giveaway offerings that serve also as intro’s to TreeSisters. You simply walk along the street with a little pot of cards inviting women to put their hands in and take one. If they do, you can then ask them if they’d like to be part of a women’s movement planting a billion trees a year, and then give them a Billion Trees flier too!

This is a conscious act of Love – holding what you love about TreeSisters in your heart, appreciating every woman you see whether they want a Love Card or not, and sharing what you love about TreeSisters if asked, without any push, just a clean invitation to join in. To do the love walk, please download the following images. You can print them on websites like Moo.com or Vista Print on recycled paper, and you can mix and match the fronts and backs as you wish: