Inspiring Videos with Clare



We are calling the Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters

The wild women

The crones

The seers and midwives

The mountain and desert women

The soul summoners

The water carriers

The tenders and feelers of Earth

The ocean women who are rising the tide

The fire women who are ready to roar

The girls who already breathe consciously with the trees

and the Elders who choose to sing the song that ends the desecration of our world –

We are calling you to to rise together now –

You are invited – to unite and awaken to who and what you really are,

on behalf of the forests, on behalf of the trees, on behalf of Life.


From Your Planetary Self, by Clare Dubois

Here is a selection of inspiring, catalytic videos from TreeSisters’ founder, Clare Dubois. We hope they leave you feeling inspired, alive, encouraged and a little more outrageously yourself…

Women on Fire

This speech was Clare Dubois’ first introduction of the TreeSisters vision and mission to the world at the Women on Fire Conference in 2011. It tells the story of the car crash that birthed a movement and earned a standing ovation. This video has called thousands of women to TreeSisters to explore their nature-based feminine gifts and step forward to contribute to the re-robing of our beautiful planet in green. You may want to reach for the tissues – there usually isn’t a dry eye in the house when this film is watched!

“My sister sitting here with goosebumps on fire. Thank you Clare – you are  a voice for all women.” ~ Vasumi

“Humbling. A change-maker in action. Thank you.” ~ Trina


Waking Up

In this video Clare shares about the wake up call that eventually gave birth to TreeSisters.

“Life changed on a Five Rhythms retreat with Dawn Morgan and Adam Barley called Patterns in the Sand over New Year, I think it has to be in 2001 or 2002. On New Year’s Eve we were asked to do some ritual theatre which is my idea of complete and utter torture. I didn’t want to do it, but then they came round to our little pod and said ‘you’re going to act out the rape of the Earth’…” ~ Clare Dubois

‘Wow… Thank you Clare! This is one of the most sobering, moving, scary, authentic, joyful & soul igniting speeches I’ve ever opened my whole being to… your wake-up call was a true revelation & burning Flame purifying your vision & heart.’  ~ Norma  


Why Women?

Clare explains why the TreeSisters initiative focuses on both women and the reinstatement of the feminine as a core component of the much needed response to climate change.

“I too have had the calling to lead my work through Women. And like you I have been afraid to do so because of the position of women in society. Hearing your words have given me the encouragement and the push to do so. Women’s inherent capacity to feel through our bodies is the way forward to bring balance into our world.  I thank you. I support you.” ~ Carol


Re-wilding Ourselves

… and how reclaiming our feminine nature can restore the world. Part of The Ancient Wisdom / Modern Science Online Summit by Jocelyn Mercardo

This was one of the most popular interviews of the whole series – and Clare speaks passionately about the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine, her own relationship with her Father and it’s impact on her life’s path, the uniqueness of feminine nature, re-wilding ourselves and moving beyond fear. Enjoy.


Re-wilding the Feminine to Steward the Earth

What would happen if all the world’s women stood up together and said ‘you know what – it’s time to do things differently – so we will’.

Not because we’re angry or because we got something to prove, but because we’ve got something to give – an undeniable, instinctual, feminine heart based leadership and courage that recognizes the privilege of loving and protecting the sacred ecology that builds our blood and bones – and knows that we’re needed now.

Supporting women to plug back into nature connection and re-wild themselves home to their own unique strength is my greatest passion, which is why I was honoured to give this interview entitled: Re-Wilding the Feminine to Steward the Earth.


Calling All Women

This was the first video to launch TreeSisters. Filmed by the original TreeSister group in Bristol, Co-founders Clare Dubois and Bernadette Ryder start their passionate call for us to recognize that how we treat the feminine – whether women or the natural world – has to change – and that it is in our power to do so.

“Tears. Truth. I’m in.” ~ Erin

“I love what you are about. Will you support it. This is so BEAUTIFUL!” ~ Marylin


Is the Game Over?

Clare’s super short, empowering, response to concerns of overwhelm or defeat in the face of the global situation – no – the game will never be over!


An interview with Clare Dubois (Dakin)

Trina Hart, editor of Choice Point Magazine interviews TreeSisters founder, Clare Dubois.

“Clare, you are an absolute inspiration, and thank you for this thought-provoking video. I really enjoyed it, and resonated with a lot of what you were saying! “What does it mean to be a woman?” “What are my unique gifts?” And I’m aware I’m waiting for my ‘tsunami moment’! I’ll follow Treesisters development with interest.” ~ Lisa


Thank you so much for exploring these videos.

We hope they wove you into deeper connection with yourself, with your sisters and with the natural world that lives and breathes us all.

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