TreeSisters Earth Day Celebrations

Take your Stand for the Trees & Dream our World Green April 12th - April 26th  

This Earth Day, we're gathering the sisterhood to dream our world green, and celebrate women like you!

From April 12th until April 26th, we'll be sharing stories from eco-heroines in our global network who are taking a powerful stand for the trees, giving each and every one of us radical permission to unleash our love and generosity on behalf of our global forests.  

We’ll also be coming together in sisterhood for two live events that will open our hearts to the impact we’re making and reality we are seeding for future generations. These events are free and open to everyone, as an invitation to step into our own felt-sense of leadership around our personal impact.  

Are you ready to take your stand for the trees? Join our Earth Day Celebrations and help dream our world green:

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Earth Day Events

Dream Our World Green A TreeSisters Earth Day Global Meditation of Planetary Hope and Healing

What if true intimacy with nature could open up levels of miraculous co-creation that could show us what we’re capable of and who we really are? During this 75 minute event, we are calling for everyone who loves this beautiful world to gather with us in virtual ceremony to invoke a new possibility; a humanity turning towards ecological restoration as a new identity. Imagine. If we can dream a new dream, then we can bring it into reality. We just have to choose it. Founder Clare Dubois will lead a guided experiential meditative journey that weaves our energies together to build strength and potency. We will be invited to open through several levels of personal and nature connection, into the deeper levels of receptivity through which nature itself can start to show us what is possible. Collectively we will dream her dream and give ourselves to become anchors of that vital reality. 

April 24th ~ 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK  

Radical Impact A Journey Around our Tree Planting Projects and their Impacts

What becomes possible when thousands of women channel their love and generosity towards the re-greening of our beautiful planet? It’s time to find out! During this 90 minute event, we’ll have the pleasure of hosting experts from our planting projects who will teach us about the radical impact trees have both locally and globally. From the Atlantic rainforests of Brazil to the biodiverse forests of the Himalayas, we’ll visit all eight of our planting projects in ways that will open your heart to the new reality we are seeding.  

If you’ve been longing for a way to contribute to the protection and restoration of nature, to wrap your arms around our global forests and feel powerful and hopeful in the face of climate change, this is an opportunity to experience the kind of impact you can have, and what it feels like to stand beside other women making a difference. For those of you who are in our circle of monthly members, this is an opportunity to deepen your relationship to the trees you’re helping to plant, and better understand the impact you’re making and legacy you’re leaving for future generations. 

April 25th ~ 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK  

We hope you'll join us in sisterhood for these heart-opening events on behalf of Life:

If you can't join us live for the events, we'll send you a recording! Ensure that you register to receive it.

Make giving back part of the air you breathe 


What impact will you make this Earth Day?

This Earth Day, we're calling in 70 new monthly members which turns into approximately 30,000 trees a year, bringing us closer to reaching our dream of re-greening our planet and planting a billion trees a year in the tropics.

There comes a time in our lives when we come to realise that we’re here for a greater purpose beyond ourselves - that we have gifts to give, a legacy to leave, and an impact to make. TreeSisters is an invitation to step into the great mystery of who we are and why we’re here, and give to the one who has given us everything: nature herself.

When you give to the trees every month, your gift transforms lands and lives in extraordinary ways. You will help protect some of the most threatened animal species and communities in the world, with a special focus on empowering women, as deforestation impacts the lives of women most.  


Your gift will help to restore:

  • Forest corridors between the last remaining fragments of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, providing vital habitat for critically endangered species of wild cat and monkey
  • The ring of forest around Mt Kenya, Kenya's primary water tower for agricultural sustainability
  • Coastal mangrove forests in Madagascar, which is also helping men and women out of indentured slavery
  • Dry deciduous forests in Madagascar, protecting endangered Lemurs
  • Agricultural lands of southern India, counteracting desertification through agroforestry
  • Jungle habitat and community forests of Nepal
  • Ancient cloud forest in northeast India through one of the planet’s last matrilineal cultures
  • Vital forest around the last 250 critically endangered Gorillas on Mt Bamboutos in Cameroon 

To dive deeper into the impact you can make and discover the more that you are, please join our Earth Day Celebrations: 

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Voices from the Sisterhood

"I can not live on the surface of this spectacular earth and simply take, take, take. Treesisters is my guide to the womb of the earth via the roots of the trees. Treesisters tethers me to soul.”

~ Lori Wallace, Carlsbad USA

"I’ve always been a tree person. I love trees and wise women and humanity and all creatures... My vision is a world where we do not have to protect the environment because we realize that we are the environment. I'm impressed by the quality of your organization and the authenticity/integrity of your team. YEAH TEAM! Thank you for the LIGHT and COURAGE that you are generating in the world."

~ SL, Switzerland

"Without trees there will be no life on earth...the forests are the lungs of mother earth...without there is no opportunity to breathe neither for mother earth nor for all beings… I know my monthly donation to the TreeSisters is only a little support but I try to live a life which is less unhealthy for the environment. I am grateful being a part of the TreeSisters movement.” 

~ Stephanie Michaelis 

To gather in treesisterhood this Earth Day, please join us:

If you can't join us live for the events, we'll send you a recording! Ensure that you register to receive it.

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