The Call to Dream

A personal and planetary ceremony of collective feminine awakening to dream a new world into being October 19th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK

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Are you ready to come together in sisterhood to feel what it's like to be powerful and hopeful in the face of climate change?

(And men are welcome too!)

I am more, You are more, We are more. As the sky falls As the waters rise As Earth beats her chest And the ground we have known Changes shape forever It’s time, It’s time, It’s beyond time, To discover Who and what We really are As part of life.

~ Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters

We have yet to tap the depths of what it means to be truly human ~ and we want to discover the more that we are together!

As our world destabilizes, we all being called to redefine ourselves, rediscover ourselves and let loose the brilliance, beauty and profound capacity to love that is core to our souls. If ever there was a time to bow in humility before life, and ask to be shown who we really are, what we’re for, and how we come back into right relationship with nature and each other - it’s now.  

The Call to Dream ceremony launches an inner journey that has never been taken before, and a campaign that has never been attempted before....  

  • Can we drop deep inside and unleash the more that we are as a Restorer Species? 
  • Are we willing to recognize that giving back to Earth is literally giving back to ourselves? 
  • Can we collectively re-robe our planet in green by planting a billion trees a year? Let's see how big a forest we can grow while we're in ceremony together!
  • Together, can we turn our love and care towards the planet in a way that makes us feel more hopeful, more alive, and more in balance with the natural world? It’s time to find out.  

This ceremony is the calling, the gathering, the dropping of the known and the daring to be shown what life is asking us to become as we dream in the new story and embodiment of what it means to be human. It's an opportunity to join hands in togetherness and know ourselves to be brilliant, powerful, and resourceful in the face of climate change.

Will you join us in treesisterhood for this inspiring event?  

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What will we do at the ceremony?

  • We will gather in meditation and reflection, all around the world
  • Together, we will build a shared energy field of mutual support that mirrors the unconditional generosity of the forest floor, weaving a web of love around our planet
  • From that place of connection, we will bow to the old version of ourselves and prepare to let go, asking for the energies of nature to inform us of the truth of our own nature
  • We will step into six aspects of ourselves, to consciously call forth the highest expression of each of them, as an invocation of what’s possible and a turning of multiple keys within ourselves to unleash our life force
  • We will activate the blueprint of the Restorer Species inside our psyches and bodies, in preparation for the six week inner journey of awakening that underpinning the Billion Trees Campaign

Do you feel called to awaken to the more that you are, connected with life and all living things? Come together in sisterhood with us:  

By registering for this event, you are opting into the TreeSisters newsletter, in case you haven't already!

Why join the ceremony?

Because it’s time to reimagine ourselves, and the most supportive way to get over our fear of change, is together.

Because our world has given us everything that we are and everything that we love, and it’s time to discover how we can live in service to life, so that future generations have a chance.  

Join TreeSisters Founder Clare Dubois for a ceremony of deep listening for nature’s wisdom and the new path and shape of our own deeply personal and inspirational exploration of our latent potential as a Restorer Species.

We’re seeking to place planetary restoration and the regeneration of the global forest into the hands of the masses and ask us all, please, to proactively bring our world back into balance.  

Come join the movement of women as a force of nature of behalf of nature: 

By registering for this event, you are opting into the TreeSisters newsletter, in case you haven't already!

I am a treesister because...

"I am a TreeSister because I believe the trees really are my sisters. The work of TreeSisters opens my heart into hopefulness. We live in a time when compassionate feminine values must guide our actions on planet Earth... when women who see the sanctity of life and the great needs for healing must stand together in loving solidarity with one another and the natural world. Through its work to plant trees, acknowledge trees, empower women, and acknowledge women’s wisdom and abilities, TreeSisters is playing a pivotal role." 

~ Chara Armon

"I am a Tree Sister because I love this Earth. Before TreeSisters I was tired of witnessing the destruction of the magnificent planet and home we’ve be given, that sustains us and gives us life. I was tired of watching trees being systemically clear cut all over the world, including right here in my own local neighborhood... And I was tired of feeling helpless, hopeless, and most truly like there was nothing I could do... Today I feel inspired, empowered and joyful to be part of the TreeSisters community. Gone is the fear, the hopelessness, the helplessness I once felt. In its place lives excitement, awe and deep connection to my feminine soul and the feminine soul of the world. Through TreeSister’s monthly online gatherings and teachings, I can see that the potential to expand this work and movement into local areas as well, to reforest our earth and also our fierce and feminine hearts, is limitless and profound."

~ Alexa Major 

"I am a TreeSister because I understand that if the forests of the world are to survive, then I need to learn how to live fully as a woman... With TreeSisters, we are relearning the language of leaf and bark. We are seeing what it is to stand strong, roots entwined, in the way of the ancient ones. We are not just planting forests; we are rising as forests."

~ Mary 

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