Journey to a Billion Trees

We stand at a huge threshold where our behaviours are no longer sustainable for our ecology. 

Can we normalize ecological restoration as a collective expression of love? Can we wake up collectively and choose another path? Can we recraft the human identity, rewrite our collective story and rediscover ourselves in time to restore the natural world?  

It’s time to find out...  

You're Invited on a Journey into a New Human Story and a Reforestation Revolution to plant a Billion Trees A Year… 

TreeSisters Autumn campaign 2017 is both the major launch of our journey to 1 Billion trees a year, and the seeding of a new possibility and worldview for humanity through an experiential journey that includes us all.

External transformation starts with internal transformation. If we could be doing better than we are in facing the reality of climate change, we would be. Something deeper is needed, and this campaign is our offering. 

This is an invitation to be part of a movement that places Life at the center of all our choices, to feel yourself as part of a species committed to restoration.

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The Six-Week Journey We're Taking Together

Together we will embark on six weeks of self and collective discovery. It's virtual, free, you can do it in your own time, and you can take the journey with your friends. Each week is themed and will have multiple offerings (interviews, facebook lives, tools and invitations) centered around a global meditation that invites us to explore the belief systems and behaviours that are holding us back from unleashing our brilliance, creativity, and generosity to restore humanity and the planet. Every step of the journey will be an invitation to both grow your own forest and grow a forest with those that you love.

We know in our hearts that together we can shape the future that we need to create for future generations.  

Week 1 ~ Reveal

Where we wake up to ourselves and get real, transform inherited perceptions, prepare to let go of the shore of our old identity, so that the river of life can teach us who and what we really are.

Week 2 ~ Embrace

Where we move beyond judgement and separation, open to the universal human heart in its highest expression, and discover what we can we birth through reverence for ourselves, each other and life.

Week 3 ~ Embody

Where we merge with nature as our greater body, explore the roots of our power through intimacy with the living world, undamming our inner rivers of pleasure and grief to find our courage and creativity.

Week 4 ~ Activate

Where we unleash our love into action, alchemize internal chains into quantum leaps, activating our restorer consciousness and the appropriate response to restore our world.

Week 5 ~ Shine

Where we dare to bow to our own life force and soul, trusting passion and purpose, alchemizing the fear of being seen, living as permission, astonishing ourselves and offering our gifts.

Week 6 ~ Belong

Where we return to our wholeness, belonging to Mother Gaia, each other, embodying the Restorer Species consciousness as the new inner map and guide, becoming nature and thus restoring ourselves and our world.

Image credit above: Debra Bernier

Does this speak to you? It’s important that as many of us as possible can start this journey together and we would love to notify you in advance of everything that is on offer so that you don’t miss anything.

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Why Trees, Why Now?

Trees offer humanity one of the most crucial ecosystem services available to us at this phase of our evolution.

Currently global warming is threatening all life in Earth. While we figure out how to stop pumping excessive levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere moment by moment, the forests of our world are drawing it down into their roots, branches, boughs and leaves and helping to cool us down. 

Carbon dioxide is tree food, and the trees that absorb the most carbon are those that actually grow all year round within the continuous growing seasons of the tropics. To provide any viable hope for future generations, we need to replace deforestation with a reforetation revolution, an we can't wait for governments to lead the way. Together we are restoring forests in Madagascar, India, Brazil, Kenya, and Nepal.

It's up to us, and we're going to do it together!  

Image credit left: our planting partner The International Tree Foundation Image credit right: our planting partner the Eden Reforestation Proects


If you would like to join this movement, and be notified of the activities and invitations that we'll be offering along this journey, please sign up here:

By registering for this experience, you are also joining the TreeSisters mailing list  

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Who We Are

TreeSisters is a behaviour change and tropical reforestation organisation calling for the reinstatement of the feminine principle and the rebalancing of humanity’s relationship with the natural world. We are currently funding the planting of over 1 million trees per year across Brazil, Madagascar, Kenya and India (see our trees) and are about to expand to new countries.  

Our whole systems change model which we call ‘The Blueprint of a Restorer Species’, offers an ancient logic to a current crisis. It turns current reality on its head, helps us understand why we are where we are, and offers us a set of different choices and an identity that calls us into the highest expression of what it means to be human.  

This Blueprint has been explored by men and women all around the world over six years of deep experiential research. It is offered wholeheartedly and freely as a new template for those wishing to find a new way of living that puts the sacredness of all life at the centre of all we do and are.  

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